A simple, secure solution to guarantee employee health and safety in the workplace during a pandemic!

Comfort in the Workplace

@Work by Achu Health™ is a convenient and secure way to have employees safely return to work and provide them peace of mind on the status of their health in the workplace.

Check-in on employee's health with @Work by Achu Health™ Digital Reports, tailored for symptom reporting and wellness indicators.

@Work by Achu Health™ eliminates the uncertainty of returning to the workplace while providing you with the necessary tools to monitor the health and safety of your employees.


How It Works

Notify Employees
Collect Symptom Reports
Analyze Real Time Results
Make Informed Decisions
Daily Health & Wellness Check-In

Submit a quick symptom and wellness report via smartphone app.

Centralized Health Insights via @Work by Achu Health™ Digital Reports

@Work by Achu Health™ Digital Reports provide you with the statistical insights into the health and wellness status' of employees in the workplace, using aggregated symptom and fatigue data.

Custom-Built for Your Company

Customize daily check-ins and tailor them to your company's health and wellness goals.

Privacy Centric

User privacy is our top priority. Employee consent is required and clearly outlined throughout our entire platform. Consent must be given for health data to be shared amongst your organization


Take the Uncertainty Out of the Workplace

Peace of Mind for You and Your Employees

Know who has symptoms BEFORE they come into work and directly engage with your employees to make sure they're okay.

Streamlined Communication

Real-time, efficient employee-employer communication on the health and wellness of your workforce. Build a trusting and transparent relationship with your employees as you navigate through your back-to-work strategy.

Digitally Proactive

@Work by Achu Health™ allows you to better understand the health status of your workforce and take steps to prevent occupational hazards such as stress, fatigue, and illness.

Achu Health is the most convenient, secure platform for bringing your employees back to work safely and productively, offering an easy user experience and active communication with your team.


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