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Lead a healthier workforce.

A successful business begins with healthy workers.

Transform the way you understand your employees' health. Tap into the well-being of your workforce to drive positive change.

Employee Wellness at a Glance

Our privacy-centric dashboard provides real-time, instant snapshots of the overall wellness of your workforce.

Receive daily and weekly updates with insights on reported health and wellness measures from employees.

A personalized experience that drives employee engagement.

Understand how engaged your workforce is using the Engagement Index and Engagement Trends, clearly displayed on your customized dashboard.

Keep track of what engages your employees and drives their progression through our individualized wellness programs.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce.

Don't miss a beat on the wellness of your workforce!

View daily and weekly check-in trends to understand the holistic overview of your employees' well-being.

Customize the reported mental health measures, such as stress and fatigue trends, to make data-driven decisions that optimize the wellness of your entire workforce.


Anonymous Employee Feedback

Employees complete anonymous feedback questionnaires that report on specific health measures such as stress and fatigue.

Personalized Programs

Our customizable platform can be curated to report on your organization's key focus areas to create a completely personalized wellness experience.

Management Dashboard

Administrators can make data-driven decisions to make a positive impact of the lives of their employees, their entire workforce, and their business.

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