achu-health™ pioneers a consolidated form of health and wellness risk assessment using deep learning to engage and empower your workforce to achieve greater vitality, fewer sick days, and increases productivity.

Enroll Your Workforce

The achu-health™ platform for employers enables workforces to become engaged in their unique health so they can achieve optimality in order to reduce abesenteeism and presenteeism.

Engage in Challenges

achu-health™ provides your workforce with a combination of weekly engagement, behavioural and physical challenges tailored to help your workforce achieve greater vitality, fewer sick days, and increase productivity.

Empower Employees

achu-health™ not only helps your employees find their optimal routines to avoid sickness but empowers them with the technology to divert themselves from encountering the main factors of absenteeism and presenteeism, stress, wellness, fatigue and burnout.

How achu-health™ goals work

Goals. Progress. Achieve.

achu-health™ not only sets realistic goals to help you achieve your optimal personal routines, but also guides you towards scientifically proven standards for healthy living, including increased exercise, and optimal sleep and heart rates for your given demographic. Each month is a new month to become a better you, so progress through the weekly goals set out by achu-health and watch yourself achieve new heights.

Get Goals

achu-health will establish unique engagement and physical goals each week for every individual; these goals are designed to increase the employees’ overall wellness, and help them discover their optimal sickness-free routine.

Progress Weekly

Employees will be able to see their current goal progress in the app. Employees can also view any outstanding goals in the achu-health score section of the app.

Achieve Results

Completed goals will be reflected in the users achu-health score widget. The monthly score will be used to calculate any rebates employees may have earned through their health insurance, or other incentives provided by their employers.

See how much you can save by reducing incidence of Absenteeism and Presenteesim in your workplace

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