How it works

Engaging with Achu Health™ is as easy as checking the time on your watch. Download one of the Achu Health™ Clock Faces from the Fitbit Gallery to securely start syncing your health data.

Android App

Achu Health™ on Android is a personalized health and wellness platform designed to help you live within your realm of optimal health. It offers a personalized, goal-oriented experience supplemented with daily questionnaires to provide an individualized approach to living a healthy lifestyle. The app will be available on Google Play.

Fitbit Faces

Fitbit Clock Faces provide immediate awareness of your health status. With data synced continuously and always up-to-date, you will never miss out on the insights Achu™ has to offer. Available on the Fitbit Gallery.


Meet the Achucharacter, your very own personalized character who adapts to reflect your individual health status. Your AchuCharacter is fueled by your efforts towards achieving your personalized goals to ensure you stay motivated on your health journey.

Personalized Goals

Achu Health™ promotes initiative and proactivity in engaging with physical activity through a personalized, goal-oriented experience that recognizes unique challenges and progressively nudges improvement on a daily basis. It provides you with daily and weekly goals based on your individual patterns, to steadily guide you towards better health.

Tap into a historical breakdown to see how you have progressed over time.


Stress + Fatigue

By regularly completing your Daily Check-In, Achu™ sequences your health data with your reports to show personalized risk and optimal lines.

Heart Rate Zones

Achu™ makes it easy to understand the status of your health in terms of heart rate zones so that you can gauge how hard you need to push yourself to achieve your goals. This breakdown allows you to understand your level of efficiency and helps you plan and control the intensity you wish to apply to any physical task.