Getting Started with Versa and Ionic

follow this step by step to get started

Step 1: Purchase Versa or Ionic

If you do not already own a Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Ionic, Click here to purchase one.

Step 2: Select achuTM clock face from settings page

Open the Fitbit app. Navigate to your watch settings.

Select Clock Faces

Search for the achuTM health collection of clock faces by selecting the search icon in the top right.

Pick your favourite achuTM health clock face. There are 3 to choose from – analog, bars and spiral!

Step 3: Navigate to clock face settings and create an achuTM account

Select the “My Versa” tab at the top of the screen and then select the 3 dots on the top right corner.

Select Settings to manage the clock face.

Create an achuTM account by selecting register new account.

Follow the steps on screen to create your account. You will receive an email upon successful completion.

Step 4: Sign in with your achu™ credentials

Once you have created an account with achuTM and  received an email confirmation you are ready to log in.

Select email and enter the email address you signed up with. Select Save when entered.

Next, select Password and enter your password. Select Save when entered. Your password will disappear for security measures

Once both fields have been entered, select Log In.

Step 5: Authorize achuTM to access your Fitbit data

Select “Tap here to connect your Fitbit account”

If this screen is not working you can authorize on your web browser here

Enter your Fitbit credentials and select Log In.

Select the “Allow All” check box and select Allow.

After you have successfully logged in and authorized your account you will be taken to the clock face settings screen. Here you can manage different features of your clock face.

Step 6: Calibrate sickness predicting algorithm and receive daily sick risk scores.

Calibrate your prediction algorithm by tapping the stethoscope at the top of the screen to report a sickness.

Select all of the symptoms you are currently experiencing. Select submit and wait for the successful report screen.

Now that you have calibrated  your unique algorithm, achuTM will analyze your data every day and notify you with your overall risk score.

If you would like to modify or delete a sickness report you can do so in your account manager under “sickness reports” here

For achu’sTM sickness prediction algorithm to work as intended please calibrate only when you are feeling sick so it can track these patterns.

Continue to calibrate and check-in

You are now on the path to healthier life. Continue to calibrate achuTM with symptoms when ever you feel sick and check-in daily to improve your unique algorithm. If you would like to delete a past sickness you can do so in the account manager.

achuTM will do its best to warn you of impeding illnesses so you can feel your best at all times.

Other Features

Select the weather on your clock face to see the weather in your location. You can modify it to read Fahrenheit or Celsius on the settings screen.

Check-in daily with your overall wellness and energy levels to keep your algorithm up to date and continually learning your health patterns. You can modify the time of daily check-up on the settings screen.

Want more from achuTM? Download the achuTM app!

The clock face versions and stand-alone apps are two separate platforms. You do not need the stand alone app to use the achu clock face.

If you would like the full  achu health experience with more health metrics log into the stand alone app and it will use the health data from your versa or ionic.