Learn. Predict. Prevent.

achu-health™ analyzes a users’ connected device in real time to intercept any patterns that have been flagged as indicators of calibrated illnesses or detrimental lifestyles.

The Learning First Step

achu-health™ is a patent-pending predictive technology that tracks and uncovers detrimental and optimal health patterns in your connected devices leading up to when you last got sick or burnt out.

The Predictive Next Step

We securely analyze your daily connected devices for patterns that have been flagged as an indicator for an oncoming cold or impending burnout and notify you if any risk is imminent in real-time.

The Preventative Last Step

achu-health™ will coach you back onto your uniquely optimal routine when it calculates that you have gone off-track so you can catch yourself before you feel ill or burnt out.

Connect Device

Connect your wearable device to achu so it can securely and anonymously sync your daily health data. achu-health is currently compatible with the Apple Watch, Apple Health Kit and all Fitbit® devices.

Feedback & Symptoms

Check in daily with your wellness, energy and stress levels along with any symptoms if present, so achu-health patent-pending technology can begin to model your personalized algorithm.

Real-Time Alerts

achu will give you real time alerts on your overall health outlook by breaking down the risk assessed in your most recent health trends using our deep learning algorithm.


View an in-depth analysis of your past and current trends and see exactly which health and environmental metrics are either detrimental or optimal to your  health.

Additional Features

Redeem. Recommend. Radar.

achu-health™ is more than just an AI powered health app. It’s an all-inclusive health and wellness ecosystem designed with practical features to enable you to conquer your health.


achupon aligns your current health needs with exclusive product offers from our partners. These symptomatically triggered offers are designed to relieve you of any ailment inputted.


We securely leverage our network of enabled users to track the density, trends and outbreaks of cold and flu reports in your area in real-time to advise you on the current health outlook within your geographic proximity.

Health Feed

The daily health feed will keep you upto date on the latest health news, research and trends. Receive tips daily to help you conquer your sleep, daily activity and general wellness.

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