Meet achuTM


The sickness prediction app.

achuTM discovers patterns in your health metrics and calculates your probability of getting sick.


No input needed, just sync your compatible wearable and let achuTM do the rest*
Heart Rate Patterns
Blood Pressure Patterns
Sleep Patterns
Environmental Patterns
Mood Patterns
Activity Patterns

Crystal clear health.

achuTM is a predictive health platform that tracks your vital patterns to warn you of impending future illnesses, using its patent pending algorithm. achu analyzes the trends in your wearable and geo-data to alert you days before the on-set of a cold or flu.

No input necessary.

achuTM automatically syncs with your Smartii or Fitbit and begins analyzing your data the moment you connect it. There is no need to enter health logs. Simply tell the app when you aren’t feeling well or check-in daily with your overall wellness.

Stay Healthy with these Features.

Track the flu before it finds you

By leveraging our network of users, the SickScanTM feature can track the outbreak of cold’s and flu’s in your area in realtime, and will also give you directions to the nearest clinic and pharmacy.

Check out the latest health tips, food trends, medical news and more

Stay up-to-date with achu’s “all things healthy” news feed updated daily. Explore the latest articles on Nutrition, Medical News, Mind and Body and Fitness.

Get healthier with daily product offers

Receive offers in realtime matching your symptoms. You can also save on a variety of consumer health products from vitamins to herbal teas. Downloadable coupons are just a click away, exclusively on achu.